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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New York City Worker Killed in Elevator Accident

What causes elevator accidents?

A sudden elevator accident claimed the life of a 43-year-old discount store worker.  The employee was in the basement loading boxes onto the elevator when it unexpectedly launched upwards, pinning him to the ceiling.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  Friends, family, and co-workers mourn the loss of this dedicated and kind-hearted individual.

According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 30 people are killed in elevator accidents annually and over 10,000 injured.  Half of the fatalities occur in repair and maintenance workers who service elevators or people who use elevators as part of their employment.

Top Causes of Elevator Accidents

Elevator accidents can arise from a variety of causes, often linked to negligent maintenance or a defective part within the elevator.  Some of the major causes of elevator accidents include:

  1. Mis-leveling:  Mis-leveling happens when an elevator fails to come to a stop even with the hallway floor.  It often occurs in brake controlled elevators or hydraulic elevators that have problems with valve leakage or low oil.
  2. Falls into the shaft:  This type of elevator accident gives rise to the greatest number of severe injuries and fatalities.  The most common cause of falls into the elevator shafts are defective door interlocks, illegal opening of a shaft way door, or mishaps during repair.
  3. Electrocution:  Improper wiring can lead to electrocution of elevator workers or riders. While uncommon, electrocution can lead to serious and potentially fatal injuries.
  4. Defective doors:  Passengers may be struck and injured by defective sliding doors on elevators. Door strikes often occur when the door protective devices have malfunctioned or are defective. 
  5. Excessive speed:  When an elevator travels too fast, passengers may be thrown to the floor or against the wall, resulting in serious injuries to their spine, knees, ankles, and other body parts.
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