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Monday, November 14, 2016

Infant Dies in Backing Up Car Accident in Queens

How can I prevent backing up car accidents?

A horrific accident has left one Queens family mourning the loss of their child due to a backing up car accident.  The mother of an eight-month-old boy was pushing him in a stroller when she stopped and bent down to fix the baby’s blanket.  Suddenly, a white van backed out of a driveway.  Despite the mother’s screams, the driver of the van hit the stroller with his rear tire.  The child did not survive the accident.  Witnesses report that the driver either was not looking or simply did not see the mother and her child.  Thus far, the driver of the van has been charged with driving without a license.

This tragic death occurred just one day after New York City announced a Vision Zero crackdown on distracted drivers.  Vision Zero is a worldwide road traffic safety program aimed at achieving a highway system with no serious injuries or fatalities.  With a recent spike in pedestrian accidents within New York City, police officials and law enforcement are warning motorists to slow down and pay attention—or face serious fines and other penalties.  

Preventing Backing Up Accidents

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, roughly 300 people are killed each year and another 18,000 injured by drivers who back into them.  Backing up or backover accidents occur most often in parking lots or driveways.  The majority of backing up accident victims are young children, who are less likely to be seen due to their small stature and may not recognize the dangers of vehicles backing up.

There are several steps you can take to prevent backover accidents, including:

  • Stay alert:  Backing out of your driveway is so routine that you may find yourself operating in autopilot, but it is critical for the safety of others that you pay close attention and check in all mirrors, as well as over your shoulder, before proceeding.
  • Purchase a vehicle with new technology:  Many newer vehicles come with cameras and sensors that will alert you to the presence of people or objects behind you.
  • Keep a close eye on children:  Always hold your young child’s hand while in parking lots or walking around areas where cars could pull out.  

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