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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Deadly NYC Crane Accident Kills Two Workers

What caused the fatal crane accident in Queens?

Two workers were recently killed in the Briarwood section of Queens when a steel beam fell onto a crane.  The workers were building a residential housing complex with one worker inside the crane’s cab and another standing guard outside.  As the crane was lifting a large steel beam at about 12 p.m., it fell from the fourth floor.  Family and friends of the 47-year-old operator and 43-year-old flag man are mourning their sudden loss. 

Investigators initially explored the possibility that wind played a role in the accident. City construction rules require all cranes to cease operation whenever sustained winds are forecasted to exceed 20 mph with gusts of 30 mph or more.  On the day of the accident, winds were about 20-25 mph with gusts of 40 mph.  However, an immediate assessment of the evidence pointed to another cause.  It is now theorized that the crane cable that snapped was not strong enough to support the load.  Investigations will continue into the deadly accident until a certain cause is identified.

Crane Accidents Continue to Claim Lives in New York City

With its plethora of high rises, cranes are a common site in New York City.  On any given day, about 300 cranes are operating within the city.  Some notable crane accidents that happened in the city include:

2007:  Eight people were injured when a massive steel bucket being lifted by a crane fell, spilling shards of glass.

2008:  A crane collapsed, taking part of the building down with it.  Seven people were killed and 24 more were injured.

2012:  Part of a crane broke off, killing a construction worker and injuring four others.

2013:  A crane in Long Island collapsed, pinning three and injuring four others.

2015:  The cable hoisting an industrial air conditioner snapped sending the AC plummeting and injuring ten. 

The high number of crane accidents within New York led to a passage of additional regulations, but as this recent Queens accident illustrates, accidents are still occurring.  Anyone injured in a construction accident should contact NYC construction accident lawyer Arthur O. Tisi by calling (917) 789-1390.  

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