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Friday, September 22, 2017

Electricians Face Job Hazards

What are the most common work related injuries for electricians?

Recently, an electrician in western New York was killed while performing routine work at a high school.  The electrician was working in the electrical closet at Kenmore West High School when he died.  Investigations into the tragic accident remain ongoing.  Sadly, this New York electrician’s death is likely to be just one of several this year.  Over 175 deaths are caused each year in the electrical trade, with electricians comprising about seven percent of all victims.  Many more electricians are seriously injured on the job annually.  Our New York City construction accident attorneys discuss some of the dangers electricians face and your rights if you are injured on the job.

Injuries Electricians May Face

Becoming an electrician requires training and skill.  Even the most talented electrician, however, faces immense dangers on the job due to the nature of the work involved.  Electricians and electrical workers could sustain the following work related injuries:

  1. Death by electrical shock:  Electrical workers can suffer from fatal electrical shock if they are exposed to significant electrical current.  High voltage current or lower voltages for a sustained period of time can cause rapid heartbeat and eventually death.  
  2. Electric shock injuries: Non-fatal electric shock injuries can occur when an electrician comes into contact with electrical wires or equipment.  Electric shock injuries can impact the heart, nerves, brain, and much more.  Immediate medical attention is necessary to protect against death or long term injuries due to electrical exposure.
  3. Burns:  Electrical burns can result from contact with current or blasts from the electrical source.  Electricity can reach immense temperatures that could result in deadly burns.  
  4. Falls:  Electrical workers often work from tremendous heights.  Many factors can result in falls, including exposure to electrical current.

Electricians and Workers’ Compensation

If you are an electrical worker who has been injured on the job, consult with a construction accident or workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.  Most electricians injured on the job can pursue a workers’ compensation claim to obtain coverage for a portion of their losses.  At times, injured electricians may be able to file a claim against a liable third party.  Potential compensation for injured electricians could include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.


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