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Use of an elevator, escalator or moving walk should not result in an injury. 

Falling into the shaft, misleveling, sudden drops and elevator door strikes.

Improperly maintained or defective elevators can lead to serious injuries.  Elevator doors may close too quickly, striking and injuring the passenger.  If the elevator fails to come to a stop that is level with the hallway floor (called misleveling), it can lead the passenger to fall upon entry or exit from the elevator.  An elevator that suddenly drops or moves at an excessive speed can cause passengers to be thrown against the elevator cab walls or to the ground. The outer doors of the elevator may open even when the elevator is not there, leading to an unintentional fall into the elevator shaft.

There are minimum safety requirements for construction, installation, maintenance and operation of all elevators, escalators, moving walks and mechanical parking garage equipment.  Proper evaluation of your claim may require an inspection by a trained elevator maintenance expert.  Why try to do this on your own?  

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